Best Sports Water Bottles

The Best Water Bottles for Sports & Gym 2021

Are you looking for the perfect drinking bottle for sports? “But which sports bottle is suitable for my sport” and “What should I look out for when buying a sports bottle?”. In addition, should the drinking bottle be BPA-free , emit no plastic odors, weigh little and be robust at the same time?.

Best Sports Water Bottles

As you can see, choosing the right drinking bottle for sports is not that easy. Since we have already seen a large number of drinking bottles and have put them through their paces, we can make clear recommendations to save you not only time but also frustration when searching. In this article we introduce you to the 10 best drinking bottles for sports.

Choose a sports bottle depending on the type of sport

Depending on the type of sport, a wide variety of criteria can be defined that you should consider before buying a sports bottle. A runner who carries his water bottle with him all the time has completely different demands on the weight of the water bottle than a volleyball player or soccer player, who usually only takes the water bottle during the break.
The comparison between a fitness drinking bottle and a drinking bottle for cycling looks similar. A drinking cap that can be opened quickly with just one hand while riding is crucial for the cyclist.

But all sports bottles have one thing in common. They protect you from becoming dehydrated during your physical activity. Why it is so important to drink enough water is not the subject of this article. Now we come to the best all-rounder drinking bottles for sport. Running fans will find drinking systems below that are particularly suitable for running, jogging and trekking.

Klean Kanteen Classic – the robust stainless steel bottle

The Klean Kanteen Classic not only cuts a good figure in everyday life, but thanks to its robustness it is also suitable as a drinking bottle for sports. Whether on the sidelines or in the gym: The Klean Kanteen is a real eye-catcher thanks to its minimalist design.

Thanks to the screw cap and the silicone seal, it is also suitable for carbonated drinks. If the Klean Kanteen is purchased with the Sport Cap, the drinking bottle can also be opened wonderfully with the mouth and is therefore also suitable for cycling. (Sports cap not for carbonated drinks).

The Klean Kanteen is made of high-quality 18/8 stainless steel and is therefore BPA-free. Anyone looking for a vacuum-insulated sports bottle will also find it at Klean Kanteen for a small extra charge.

  • Sports: fitness, outdoor sports, indoor sports, ball sports, cycling (only with sports cap closure)
  • Size: 592 ml, 946 ml
  • Sports bottle material: stainless steel
  • Price: from € 26.95 or € 37.95

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720DGREE uberBottle – the fitness sports bottle

The 720DGREE uberBottle fulfills pretty much every criterion of a drinking bottle for sports. It is made of Tritan and therefore not only light but also very robust. This sports bottle withstands falls on the floor or throws in the training bag without any problems.

Thanks to the 1-click drink closure, the lid of the 720DGREE uberBottle can be opened quickly. The drinking opening is 2.4 cm tall and has a small air hole so that water flows in without having to suck. In addition to a practical level indicator, this sports bottle also has a handy carrying strap.

Thus, it can be easily transported from device to device in the gym without any problems. Although this drinking bottle is not designed for carbon dioxide, it can be filled with (citrus) fruits and herb leaves such as mint. A sieve provided prevents the flavoring agent from drinking along. More information about the 720DGREE uberBottle in our test report.

  • Sports: fitness, outdoor sports, indoor sports, ball sports, cycling
  • Size: 650 ml, 1000 ml, 1500 ml
  • Sports bottle material: Tritan
  • Price: from € 15.95 for the smallest version

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Sports bottle SIGG Miracle – with a magical drinking cap

Successful product development often takes place when the right people come together. The company SIGG followed this approach in 2017 and developed the highly stable Miracle sports bottle made of Tritan in cooperation with athletes and experts from the outdoor sector.

With a weight of 169 g at 600 ml, the SIGG Miracle is not only particularly light, but also offers a new type of drinking cap in the straw system. Thanks to a sophisticated mechanism, the straw is decoupled from the mouthpiece, so that carbonated drinks can also be filled into the bottle.

The special feature of the drinking cap is the double protection against accidental leakage of the drinking bottle. To drink, you have to bite into the bite lock and suckle while simultaneously pressing the push button. This means that you can drink from the bottle without tilting your head back. Go to the SIGG Miracle test report .

  • Sports: fitness, outdoor sports, indoor sports, ball sports, cycling
  • Size: 600 ml
  • Sports bottle material: Tritan
  • Price: € 16.99

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EPICO BOTTLES Sport – sports bottle made of glass

BPA-free, tasteless and odorless and plastic-free. We recommend the Epico Bottles Sport to those who do not want to forego the advantages of a glass drinking bottle when exercising. Compared to a stainless steel drinking bottle, the contents can always be seen and the glass is therefore transparent, so deposits can also be recognized early. The only disadvantage is the slightly higher weight and the risk of breakage in the event of a fall.

Thanks to the silicone cover, the glass sports bottle is well protected and offers a good grip even with sweaty hands. Nevertheless, falling on hard stone floors should be avoided. The EPICO BOTTLES is a sports bottle with a screw cap and offers a 2.8 cm drinking opening. Thanks to a practical carrying strap, the EPICO BOTTLES Sports can be transported from A to B in the gym. Detailed test report EPICO BOTTLES Sport

  • Sports: fitness, outdoor sports, indoor sports, ball sports
  • Size: 550 ml
  • Sports bottle material: borosilicate glass
  • Price: from 19.97 €

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Contigo Ashland – the ideal drinking bottle for outdoors

The Contigo Ashland is a robust and very well made drinking bottle for sports that is ergonomic in the hand. Behind the patented AUTOSPOUT closure there is an inclined drinking straw system with an integrated mouthpiece, which only pops up when the push button is pressed.

Compared to the SIGG Miracle, there is no need to bite the mouthpiece. A sliding lever secures the sports bottle from being opened unintentionally. ( Continue to the Contigo Ashland practical test ). What we are missing is the missing dust protection for the mouthpiece. If that doesn’t bother you, you get a drinking bottle with a practical level indicator and an additional integrated snap hook, with which the Ashland sports bottle can be conveniently attached to the backpack. Our leak test shows that the Contigo Ashland is not suitable for carbonated drinks.

  • Sports: fitness, outdoor sports, indoor sports, ball sports, cycling (limited – only small version)
  • Size: 680 ml
  • Sports bottle material: Tritan
  • Price: from € 15.75

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BeMaxx Active Flask – sports bottle with the 3 drinking caps

If you want to use your drinking bottle not only for sport, but also for everyday life, you should take a closer look at the Active Flask sports bottle made of stainless steel from BeMaxx. Compared to the competition, this sports bottle offers 3 different drinking caps. In addition to the smaller sports cap, which can be opened quickly in no time, the Active Flask also comes with a normal screw cap and a coffee cap.

Another special feature of the Active Flask is its ability to isolate. This way the sports drink stays nice and cool during your workouts or training. Thanks to the very large bottle opening of 57 mm diameter, this sports drinking bottle can be cleaned very easily and even filled with ice cubes. In total, you can purchase the Active Flask in 4 different colors.

  • Sports: fitness, outdoor sports, indoor sports, ball sports, cycling (limited – only small version)
  • Size: 530 ml, 950 ml
  • Sports bottle material: stainless steel
  • Price: from € 21.99

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Nalgene Everyday OTF – affordable sports bottle made from Tritan

One of the bestsellers among the Tritan drinking bottles on Amazon is the Nalgene Everyday OTF with a practical one-hand push button . Thanks to its low weight and high robustness, this drinking bottle is ideally suited for sport. The Nalgene Everyday OTF can be opened with one hand without unscrewing and thus quickly provides the body with the necessary hydration.

If you can do without carbonated drinks, this drinking bottle is the perfect companion for sports at an affordable price. The special thing about this sports bottle made of Tritan: All parts are easy to clean and are dishwasher safe. Thanks to the many colors, there should be something for every athlete.

  • Sports: fitness, outdoor sports, indoor sports, ball sports, cycling (limited – only small version)
  • Size: 700 ml
  • Sports bottle material: Tritan
  • Price: from € 9.95

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The best sports bottles for runners

Drinking is very important, especially during longer distances and training sessions, as the body loses a lot of fluids. The optimal drinking bottle for joggers should not only lie comfortably in the hand and offer a good grip, but also be light. Special drinking bottles in the form of a drinking belt can significantly increase comfort while running. Cramping of the hand is avoided with so-called running belts or drinking belts, since the bottle can be carried on the body and does not have to be held permanently in the hand.

There are running belts that can accommodate a large drinking bottle or several smaller drinking bottles. Alternatively, a hydration backpack with an integrated hydration bladder can be used.

Nathan Hydration Belt Trail – running belt

This running belt includes two 300 ml drinking bottles that are equipped with a suction cap. The soft material hugs the body perfectly with its stretch function and can be continuously adjusted from the circumference. The Nathan Hydration running belt also offers storage space for smartphones such as the iPhone 6 Plus.

  • Sport: running, jogging
  • Size: 2 x 300 ml
  • Sports bottle material: PP
  • Price: from € 47.95

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Xenofit drinking belt with sports bottle

If a large sports bottle is more comfortable for you to run, you should take a look at the Xenofit drinking belt. The drinking bottle has a capacity of 700 ml and sits firmly in the drinking belt. This running belt also offers zip pockets for the smartphone and the keys.

  • Sport: running, jogging
  • Size: 700 ml
  • Sports bottle material: PP
  • Price: from € 13.00

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CamelBak Hydration System HydroBak – for running and tracking

The Hydrobak hydration system is a lightweight backpack with an integrated hydration bladder and a capacity of 1.5 liters. This type of hydration backpack is therefore not only recommended for longer running or cycling, but also for longer hiking tours. Thanks to the Air Mesh material, the back is pleasantly cooled. For the necessary safety in the dark, reflectors are incorporated into the backpack. Ultimately, people drink through a drinking tube like a straw. Continue to our top 5 hydration pack recommendations.

  • Sports: running, jogging, hiking
  • Size: 1500 ml
  • Price: from € 39.95

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Sports bottles for cyclists

Drinking bottles for cycling usually have a special drinking cap that can be opened with just one hand or the mouth without any problems. This has the advantage that the cyclist can continue riding with just one hand without having to get off the bike.

A distinction is made between the following common drinking closures:

  • One-hand pressure lock
  • Twist lock
  • Suction valve

The diameter of the sports bottle should not be larger than 74 mm so that the sports bottle fits into a bottle holder on the bike without any problems. The capacity can vary between 0.3 – 1.0 liters. Weight plays a subordinate role.

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