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Delta Emulator is a must-have application for anyone who likes retro gaming. Classic gaming consoles like the GameBoy and the Nintendo DS have been long since discontinued, hence you can’t get a brand-new unit. For people who grew up playing these games, it’s something they would love to experience once more and unfortunately not possible through normal methods.

Delta Emulator for iOS - Free
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Unlike Android devices which have emulators that are easily accessible, iOS devices cannot access these emulators for free. Emulators allow your device to run as another device, this enables you to play games that were designed for Nintendo DS and GameBoy using your iOS device. Try this Game on Emulator for best Game Experience – Download Subway Surfers Hack on iOS [UNLIMITED & UNLOCKED]


Delta Emulator

Emulators aren’t harmful or illegal to use, they are simply restricted by the App Store, as a result, we will be looking at ways to bypass this blockage. Although it can be done through several different methods, the one which we will be looking at is the CokernutX Store. Before we go any further, this guide is specifically for iOS devices and will not be of any use to android users.

Let’s take a look at what exactly the Delta Emulator can do as well as how to install this application safely and successfully.

Delta Emulator Free Download on iOS
Delta Emulator Free Download on iOS

Developed by Riley Testut, Delta Emulator is a very well-known emulator amongst people who play retro games using their smartphone or tablet. Usually used to emulate games from Game Boy and Nintendo DS, you can pretty much play any game as long as you have the ROM file for the game. Aside from offering a very wide library of games to choose from, Delta Emulator does not do anything else that can be called special.

In short, DeltaEmulator is an application through which your downloaded ROM files can be used to play the games you wanted using your smartphone. The application itself does not have any games and files pre-downloaded on it, you will have to install the ROM files to play the games that you want to. We will also be looking at how to install a game using Delta Emulator after we look at how to install the application on your device. If you are a big fan of anime, just like me…Play Valorant Mobile on Emulator – Valorant Mobile MOD  Free Download on iOS.

Features of Delta Emulator on iOS

Some of the features that the Delta Emulator offer to its users include:

  • The user interface for the Delta Emulator has to be one of the best amongst all the other available Emulators.
  • The games are run very smoothly on this emulator and are pretty much the closest experience you will get to the original game.
  • All the games that you want to play are to be installed separately, and this usually takes up additional space on your device.
  • Another is that you can get the Delta Emulator for free and without jailbreaking your device.
  • You don’t have to worry about which iOS version your device is currently on, Delta Emulator is compatible with all versions of iOS.

More Information About Delta Emulator

App Name Delta Emulator
Developer Riley Testut
Category Emulator
Platform Compatibility iOS
Jailbreak Required No
License Type Free
Language English
Version v1.4
Size 44 MB
Downloads 250000+
OS Requirements iOS 9 or Later

How To Install Delta Emulator with CokernutX

Now that we know what all the Delta Emulator application has to offer, let’s take a look at how we can install it on our devices. We will be using the CokernutX Store to install this application, for those of you that don’t know, CokernutX Store is a third-party App Store that allows iOS users to access all the paid games for free.

CokernutX Store is extremely useful to install other applications that you want for free as well, so feel free to follow the steps mentioned below to get Delta Emulator or any other app that you want using this Store.

  • Open Safari and search for “CokernutX Store” or simply use the link provided.

   Download CokernutX App

You can also check the below links to download it directly on your device, make sure to use it safari browser for smooth installation.

   Download Link 1

   Download Link 2

   Download Link 3

   Download Link 4

   Download Link 5

  • Once the download link is available, click on it to start downloading it on your device.
  • Once the app has been downloaded on your device, check if it’s visible on the home screen.
  • Navigate to the Device Settings.
  • Go to Developer Profile and make sure your device trusts the app.

With this CokernutX Store has been successfully installed on your device, now let’s look at installing the Delta Emulator using this Store.

  • Open the CokernutX Store.

cokernutx ios

  • Click on the search option and type “Delta Emulator”.

Search Delta Emulator on iOS

  • Click on the “GET” option, to begin downloading the application.

Install Delta Emulator on iPhone and iPad

  • Once the app is successfully installed, you can open it.

Delta Emulator Installed & Downloaded on iOS

  • Enjoy your Delta Emulator and all the retro games for free.

Install the Delta Emulator via AltStore

  • Install the AltStore app on iOS mobile using a PC. To know how to do that visit the link below.

   Download & Install the AltStore

  • Download the Delta Emulator IPA file.

   Download The Delta Emulator IPA file

  • After that, Open the AltStore app and go to the MyApps section.

Tap on the + icon to import IPA file

  • Click on the + icon.
  • Choose the Delta Emulator IPA file to install.
  • Enter Apple credentials and Sign In ( If the AltStore asks for it ).

Sign In With your Apple Credentials to install IPA file

  • Within a few minutes, the app will be installed on your iOS device and it can be seen on Home Screen and AltStore’s MyApps section.
  • Now, go to Settings> General> VPN & Device Management, and Trust the Profile of the Delta Emulator.

Trust an app's profile from device Settings on iPhone

  • Then Turn ON Developer Mode ( Settings> Privacy & Security> Developer Mode).

Enable Developer Mode on your iPhone From Device Settings

How to Install/Load Games With Delta Emulator

Now that we have learned how to install the Emulator on our device, we will take a look at how to install games/load games onto the Delta Emulator to run it. Before we proceed, you will require a laptop for this step. Follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Download the ROM file on your laptop from a trustworthy source.
  • Connect your device to the laptop and open ‘iTunes’.
  • Select the file-sharing option and search for Delta Emulator.
  • Once you find it, drag your ROM file onto the Delta Emulator to add it.
  • With this, you will have the file on your iPhone/iPad and the Delta Emulator can run the newly installed ROM file.

How to Uninstall Delta Emulator

Method: 1

  • On the home screen Tap and hold the Delta Emulator icon.
  • When the app starts wiggling, Tap on the  (minus) sign.
  • The system will give a prompt, tap on the Delete option.
  • Enter the passcode if asked.
  • Tap on the delete option again.

Method: 2

  • Go to Device Settings.
  • General>Profile & Device Management.
  • Tap on Delta Emulator Profile.
  • Tap on the Delete profile option
  • Enter Passcode.
  • Again Tap on Delete.

Best Alternatives To Delta Emulator

Delta Emulator is a great application that allows gaming fans to access the games on their Android or a Desktop device. Even though the application has great features, we all look up for some alternative application to bind our craving for gaming.



RetroArch is a free and open-source cross-platform Front end for emulators. Designed to be fast, lightweight, and portable. Compatible with Android, iOS, Microsoft, Windows, Linux, macOS, WebOS, tvOS, FreeBSD and Unix-like Operating Systems.

RetroArch Emulator for Gaming on iPhone

RetroArch is a great alternative and a multi-system emulator that resolves major issues in emulation gaming like real-time rewinding and resolution fixation per second.


Nostlan is a front launcher for video games using which you can access all the emulator setups from a single place and backups can also be kept. Compatible with Linux, Windows, and macOS Operating Systems.

Nostlan Emulator for Best gaming experience on iPhone fro free

Most of the emulators have a very poor user interface. Nostlan on the other hand provides similar features as other applications with a better UI and UX experience.


JPCSP is a Playstation portable app written in Java, it will allow users to play PSP games on a PC. Developed by a small team of enthusiastic developers it getting better and better.

JPCSP Gaming Emulator for iPhone Free

JPSCP is an open-source project and compatible with Windows, Mac and Linux OS. It takes full advantage of dual-core processors and powerful GPUs. NVIDIA cards are supported and currently, 600+ games are available.


Known as MultiEmulator Super System it is an emulator for multiple consoles and computer systems. Released 25 years ago, now it is one of the best emulators available for free.

MultiEmulator for Gaming on the go -Iphone

MutliEmulator is an on-go alternative for emulating game cravings. it is available for free at


PCSP is a great and yet another emulator written from scratch in C++. It is one of the best emulators for the Windows platform but the developer is unknown. Users can visit the official site for a configuration guide.

PSCP Best emulator for Gaming on iOS

Try playing these games with your friends for the best gaming experience on Emulators.

Clash of Clans Hack MOD on iOS.

Garena Free Fire Hack Free on iOS.

Need for Speed No Limits Hack – iOS.

We have learned how to install not only the emulator but also games on it as well, however, there are still some frequently asked questions by readers. Let’s quickly go through some and hopefully clear as many as we can.

Q - Do I have to use a laptop to install games on Delta Emulator?

No, you can also use the in-built browser provided by Delta Emulator to install more ROMs, however, the laptop method prevents too much of the storage space of the phones and tablets to be used.

Q - Is Delta Emulator Safe?

Yes, Delta is safe to download and use. It only allows you to play retro games on your iOS device for free.

Q - Can I get Delta Emulator on Android?

No, Delta Emulator is solely available for iOS users. However, there are several other emulators available on Android that are very easy to download and use. Emulator experience on Android is much easier than iOS.

Q - Do I have to pay money to install Delta Emulator?

No, you can get Delta Emulator and multiple other paid apps for free using the CokernutX Store. You will not be spending a single dime using the method mentioned in this guide, so rest assured.

Conclusion – Delta Emulator Free Download on iOS

Delta Emulator is a paid app available on the App Store, which allows you to relive your childhood memories through retro games. This guide went over all the important details ranging from getting the CokernutX Store to installing a ROM file of the game. I hope this guide was useful in any way, shape, or, form.

As long as you follow the steps and instructions mentioned in this guide, you will be able to enjoy all the retro games that you could ever want. If you liked this guide feel free to check out our other guides by clicking here

Thank you.

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