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OnlyFans demands from you a subscription fee per profile that you wish to check out or follow. The app model is successful as the platform allows explicit content. However, with so many tweaked apps flooding the market, one wonders whether there exists a tweaked version of OnlyFans App on iOS or not.

OnlyFans++ on iOS(iPhone & iPad) – [MOD]

The good news is that it does exist. Going by the name, OnlyFans++, the tweaked platform allows you free access for one profile per day. Get rid of Adds and Trackers from your twitter account:  Download Twitter++ iOS FREE.


OnlyFans++ iOS | Features:

As mentioned above, OnlyFans++ for iPhone provides you free access to any random profile on a per-day basis. Hence, you can check out a new profile every day without paying a single dime.

App Name OnlyFans++
Mod Features Unlimited Access
Compatible Platform Android, & iOS
Category Tweaked Apps
Root Required?? No
Jailbreak Required?? No
Size 27MB
License Type Free

OnlyFans++ Download on iOS using CokernutX

To install the OnlyFans tweak on iOS, you need the assistance of CokernutX. CokernutX is a third-party platform on iOS to download tweaked apps and hacked games that are not available on the official Apple App Store. Tap on the below link to check out the installation steps for CokernutX.

   Download CokernutX App

Install OnlyFans++ on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

  • Please start the CokernutX App on iOS.
  • Use the Search option to conduct a search for OnlyFans++.

  • Once the search results are in, tap on OnlyFans++ and make your way to the app info and installation window.
  • Tap on the Download button to kick-start the installation process.
  • A pop-up window might come up seeking your approval before allowing CokernutX to install OnlyFans++ on iOS.
  • Tap on Allow.
  • Check out your iOS device’s home screen now for the OnlyFans++ installation in progress.

  • After the installation is complete, make your way to Settings > General > Device Management.
  • Tap on the OnlyFans++ profile.
  • Hit the Trust button available on the top-right corner.

This concludes the process of installing the OnlyFans++ App on iOS with CokernutX.

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Install OnlyFans++ via AltStore

  • Download and Install the AltStore app first.

   Download and Install AltStore (Guide)

  • Download the OnlyFans++ IPA file.

   Download The OnlyFans++ IPA file

  • Open the AltStore app and go to the MyApps section.

Click on the + icon and tap on the OnlyFans++ IPA file

  • Click on the + icon in the top-left corner and tap on the Downloaded IPA file.
  • Enter your Apple Credentials to sign in If the AltStore asks.

Sign In to start the Installation

  • The OnlyFans++ app will install in a few minutes.
  • Go to Settings > General >  VPN & Device Management, and Trust the Profile of the app.

Trust the Profile of the OnlyFans++ app

  • Now the app is ready to use.

Best OnlyFans Alternatives on iOS

Here are some popular alternatives to OnlyFans you can find in the App Store:


Patreon provides a platform for creators to build their fan base and monetize their content with recurring pledges from fans. It provides business tools for content creators to sell their digital products online.

Patreon for creators

Here everything is in the hands of the creators to set a price for their service. Free access is possible only when a creator is allowed. Patreon is a good alternative platform for creators to get recurring income.


Tipit allows users to create custom digital tip jars for exclusive content, with the ability to set different rates for different tiers of content.

 Subscribe Star

Subscribe Star app provides an easy way for creators to create a subscription-based business, with the ability to offer exclusive content and discounts to subscribers.

Subscribestar for mobile

This app does not provide better functionality than the Patreon app but it charges less from the creators compared to Patreon. So it is suitable for small creators who don’t want to pay money for the features they don’t use.


Ko-fi is one of the best alternative revenue streams for creators by allowing them to accept donations from their fans while providing rewards in return. It is very easy to add widgets to creator’s pages for receiving payments.

Ko-Fi app for iphone

In case the widgets or buttons don’t work, a permanent QR code will be available that can redirect users to the creator’s Ko-Fi home page. The best part is that the Ko-Fi doesn’t take any commissions.


Fanbox allows users to earn money from their followers by selling subscriptions and offering premium content. Fans from all over the world can join their favourite creator’s live streams.

Fanbox for iOS

One can find out what is going on from all over the world and join whatever they want to watch. Various kinds of events and concerts are available to watch with real-time communication through a chatbox with a worldwide audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q – Is there an OnlyFans App for iOS?

The OnlyFans website is not directly available on the official stores as an app due to the abundance of nudity. However, the makers pushed a new app for iOS and Android with no adult content available.

Q – Is OnlyFans++ available in the app store.

No! You can download OnlyFans++ from CokernutX by following the steps elaborated in this post.

Q – Does OnlyFans know if you screenshot?

No! OnlyFans does not notify screenshots.

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Final Words

What are you waiting for? Check out the OnlyFans++ app on iPhone/iPad and provide us your feedback on the tweaked version, in the comments section provided below. Feel free to drop queries if any.

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