Spotify++ iOS Download on (iPhone/iPad) – [100% Working]

Ah! Music! Isn’t it something that we all love? Music is something that we all listen to at all points in life. To satisfy the craving for our music, Spotify++ is one of the best music streaming applications that are available in the market right now.

Spotify++ iOS Download on (iPhone/iPad)

With great music exploration, we all have used Spotify once at any point. But aren’t you bored of the Ads that come while you hope for non-interrupting time? Spotify++ is the tweaked version of the normal application that is developed by third-party developers. Let’s know about the premium features that come along with the Spotify++ version. Check Out: WhatsApp++ iOS Free Download .

Spotify++ on iOS | Features:

There are some awesome features that are enabled on Spotify++. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Unlocked Spotify connect
  • No Advertisement
  • Downloading unlimited music offline
  • You can shuffle and seek music however and in perfect flow

To explore this amazing feature of Spotify, you are just a few minutes away. Let’s begin looking at a way to install Spotify++ on iOS for free.

Install Spotify++ on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

To install Spotify++ for free on your iOS, follow the below simple steps.

  • Uninstall the old version of Spotify that you have on your iOS device.
  • Now go to CokerNutX official website and install the application.

   Download Cokernutx App

  • Go to Settings > General > Profile and change it to ‘Trusted’.
  • Now, through the CokerNutX application download the Spotify++ application.


  • Proceed by clicking on ‘Get’ to install the Spotify++ application on an iOS device.

Spotify++ ios

  • Now once the application is installed repeat step 3.

click on install

After following all the above steps, you can start using Spotify++ on your iOS device safely.

How to use Spotify++ on iOS?

You can use all the Spotify premium features on iOS instantly by visiting the application. Some features like Ad-free streaming and in-built and you can experience them directly from the application when you stream music.

Various other restricted features can be experienced directly through settings and other User-interface features.

Best Spotify Alternatives on iOS 

Spotify took trend after people started outsourcing the music. It became a platform for the new comers and make their destiny little more recognizable that possible. It has served people with great time, but if you are looking for some amazing alternatives, here are some of the best ones.


Gaana made is fame and name from year’s long journey that they took. The quality and service provided by Gaana is outstanding. The have bene in the music industry for quite a long time and they know what features are best to be provided.

Youtube Music

Youtube Music is one of the new generation music aid that brings you close to music. If you are fan of listening to hassle free experience, then it is your catch at once. Fill your music appetite with Youtube music.

Amazon music

Tag along your music taste that you have never experienced before. Amazon music keeps you plugged in with their intelligence of sorting music as per your choice. It reads your taste and collective provides what you may love.


Tidal is old school music app that you may love using. It is one of the best alternative for Spotify, so if you love streaming music, Tidal it is.

 Frequently Asked Questions

Q - What is Spotify++ premium version on iOS about?

The Spotify++ provides various features that are usually restricted in the normal version. Some of the features are like Ad-Free streaming, non-stop shuffling, latest features and premium paid features for free.

Q - Is Spotify++ on iOS free to use?

Yes, Spotify++ on iOS is free to use. You can install the application for free through CokerNutX application.

Q - Is Spotify++ on iOS safe to use?

Yes, all your privacy and information that you enter in the application is safe in the application.

Q - Do I need to jail break my iOS device to install Spotify++?

No, you do not have to jail break your device to install Spotify++ on your iOS device. You can install the application without jail breaking your device using CokerNutX application. Follow the steps mentioned in above section to do so for free.

Q - Can I use both versions of Spotify and Spotify++ on same iOS device?

Yes, you can use both the versions in the same iOS device. But we don’t recommend it. The media may get merged and would not make any actual benefit using them on same iOS device.

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Conclusion: Spotify++ Download on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

So why wait to explore the amazing features of Spotify? Dive in the premium version of Spotify++ by installing it through CokerNutX for free. Fell in love with uninterrupted music once and for all. Explore the amazing user interface and hassle-free music streaming now.

Do let us know your experience using the premium version and till then happy music streaming.

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