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Are you a great fan of reading Manga? It is not a quite popular genre in comics and picture-modulated books, but it has some crazy fan base. If you love watching Manga, then you would have heard about Tachiyomi. It is an application that allows you to read the latest Manga right from your iOS device.

Tachiyomi for iOS(iPhone & iPad)

So to fill the craving for your Manga addiction, do not wander around to get the best ones. Tachiyomi is the best manga reader available on market. Just go ahead and look at the amazing features that the application offers. Do check out – Instagram++ App Free Download on iOS with CokernutX.

Features |  Tachiyomi on iOS

Tachiyomi has great features that will amaze the readers on the go. Let’s look at some of them right away:

  • Great catalogue of choices to select from.
  • Privacy protection for all your surfing and exploration.
  • Download your favourite manga whenever you want.
  • An in-built book viewer or book reader software to enhance your reading.
  • Tracking of all latest releases any time of the day.

Aren’t these features amazing? These are just a few of them. Let’s get started to explore the great in-sight of the application.

Install Tachiyomi App on iOS with CokernutX [STEPS]

  • First, we have to install the CokerNutX application on our iOS device, to do so we have to visit their official website from here.

   Download CokernutX App

  • Now, once you have installed the CokerNutX application, go to your iOS device settings, select General and then click on ‘Profile’.
  • Change the profile of CokerNutX to ‘Trusted’.
  • Now, open the CokerNutX application, click on the search button and search for the ‘Tachiyomi’ application.

cokernutx ui

  • Click on Get in front of the name and description.

tachiyomi ios

  • Once the application starts to install, wait for it.
  • Now after the application is installed, follow Steps 2 and 3 for the Tachiyomi application as well.

Tachiyomi download

  • You have successfully installed the Tachiyomi application on iOS.

How To use the Tachiyomi App

Tachiyomi application is the same as any other manga or comics reading application. You just have to open the application and start exploring various features in-built in the app. We recommend you to login into the application to explore more features such as tracking and downloading unlimited manga (in the form of PDF).

Your data and privacy are secured within the application, so you do not have to worry about anything. You can explore various genres and stories catalogue from the menu button on the top left.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is Tachiyomi application safe to use?

Yes, Tachiyomi application is safe to use. You can explore amazing features with a sigh of relief that all your data and information remains safe.

Q - Do I have to jail break my device to install Tachiyomi application on iOS?

No, you do not have to jail break your device to install Tachiyomi app. You can download it directly from the CokerNutX application. To know more about it, just follow the instructions we have mentioned above.

Q - Is Tachiyomi application on iOS free to use?

Yes, Tachiyomi application is free to use and you can download it directly from the CokerNutX application.

Q - Can we download Manga from Tachiyomi app on iOS?

Yes, you can download your favourite manga from Tachiyomi application, to do so, you have to register in the application first. Now simply find the download button in your favourite Manga page and you will get a PDF file.

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Isn’t it amazing to get such a great Manga reader application for free? Explore the amazing Tachiyomi application and let us know your experience. Read your favourite manga with just a few steps and enjoy them whenever you want to.

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