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Are you an avid user of WhatsApp? Do you love chatting and socializing with people? We have superb news for you. WhatsApp’s application allows users to extend the features of chatting to a minute distance, but developers didn’t want the actual features to hide under the closet. That’s why third-party developers launched the tweaked version of WhatsApp called WhatsApp Watusi 3.

WhatsApp Watusi iOS Download on (iPhone & iPad)

This extended version of WhatsApp allows users to experience various features that are not usually available on the normal application. Unlimapps developers have worked hard developing this tweaked version so that we can unleash the actual fun of using WhatsApp and getting close to our loved ones. Several restricted features can be accessed through this tweaked version. Use Instagram without annoying Ads and many other extra features: Instagram++ iOS Free Download.


WhatsApp Watusi 3 | Features

As we said to you all before in this article about features that are especially available on WhatsApp Watusi. Let’s give a small peek at what exactly we get with this tweaked version.

  • Sending media without restriction.
  • Changing custom themes for chat and colors for text.
  • Enabling Stealth mode.
  • Recording audio without any hassle.
  • Disabling and enabling read receipts.
  • Freeze Last seen Status.
  • Disable Typing and Delivery indicators.
  • UI Customization.
  • Send Unlimited number of Photos.
  • Lock individual Chats.
  • Set Password to WhatsApp.
  • Record phone calls with Call Recorder feature.
  • Unlimited Pinned Chats.
  • Schedule Messages.
  • Auto-Reply Messages.
  • Hide Chats.
  • Private Notifications.
  • Set Custom Ringtones.
  • See contact picture in Notifications.
  • Filter and Sort Chat list based on your interest.
  • Separate page for all groups.
  • Open links in an in-app browser.

Isn’t it amazing to explore all these amazing features? Now, let’s begin our journey to install WhatsApp Watusi on our iOS device.

More Information about WhatsApp Watusi 3

App Name WhatsApp Watusi 3
Developer Fouadraheb
Size 88 MB
Version 23.9.77 (T1.1.58)
Recent Update May 16, 2023
Language  English
Avg User Rating 4.5/5
Downloads 10000000+

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Download & Install WhatsApp Watusi 3 on iOS [CokerNutX]

  • Let’s begin our process by first uninstalling the older version of WhatsApp from our device.
  • Now, go to your Apple Store or visit the CokernutX website to install the CokernutX application.

   Download Cokernutx App

  • Move to your settings after installing CokernutX, go to the General section and select ‘Profile’.
  • In the profile section, select ‘trust’ CokernutX app profile.
  • Finally, after the CokernutX application is installed, open the application, and search for WhatsApp Watusi.

whatsapp watusi ios

  • Click on ‘Get’ in order to install the application.

whatsapp watusi ios install

  • The CokernutX application will start to install on your iOS device.

whatsapp watusi ios updated

  • After the application is installed, follow the step 3 and 4 for WhatsApp Watusi application as well.

How to Install WhatsApp Watusi 3 Using AltStore

  • Firstly, install AltStore on your iOS device using Computer. Visit the following link to download and install altstore on your Computer and iOS device (Full tutorial is available).

   Download AltStore App

  • Download WhatsApp Watusi 3 IPA file from the link given below.

  Download WhatsApp Watusi 3 IPA

  • Now, Open AltStore app on your iOS device.
  • Go to MyApps Section.
  • Tap on + symbol in the top-left corner of the app.
  • A list of available IPA files will be shown on the screen.
  • Tap on WhatsApp Watusi 3 IPA file.
  • Enter Passcode if the system asks.
  • Installation will begin and complete in a few minutes.
  • Now you can see Watusi 3 icon on your device home screen & MyApps section of AltStore App.
  • Now, Navigate to Settings → General → Profiles & Device Management.
  • Tap on WhatsApp Watusi Profile and click on Trust button.
  • Then, tap on Trust button to confirm.
  • Now you can open and use WhatsApp Watusi 3 on your iOS device.

How To Use WhatsApp Watusi 3 on iOS?

The process to use WhatsApp Watusi on your iOS device is similar to the normal version of WhatsApp. In order to explore the features of WhatsApp Watusi, just go to the settings, and you can enable/disable various features of WhatsApp Watusi on iOS with mere few clicks.

This user interface allows people to access the features only when needed. It makes it easier for them to explore the feature and use them at their convenience.

WhatsApp Alternatives on iOS

WhatsApp is one of the best interactive application used right now. Since the application doesn’t have any ads and other disturbing user-interface element, it is surely on trending. Yet, with several reasons that arises, people look for another alternative of WhatsApp. Here is the list of the best options you can use as an alternative for WhatsApp.


Messenger for IOS devices

It is powered by Facebook and alternatively gives a lot of features that are not available easily. You can surely use these for longer conversation, and surely it is a secured channel.


SnapChat for iOS devices

This application is currently trending all over the world as people send snaps (small photo or clip) that allows them to maintain streak among each other. You can use it as anytime socializing application with your families and friends.


Instagram for iOS

Who just doesn’t know about Instagram? It allows people to create a group and talk to each other. You can always use it for fun, and it gives a distinct option of spreading fun.


Skype for iOS Devices

It is one of the best secured application which is known all around world. You can use Skype as an alternative of WhatsApp and enjoy it to the core.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q - Is WhatsApp Watusi on iOS safe to use?

Similar to the normal version, WhatsApp Watusi is a safe application. The altered version doesn’t attest any privacy or personal security breaches. So, it is safe to use WhatsApp Watusi on your iOS device.

Q - Do I have to jailbreak in order to install WhatsApp Watusi?

No, you do not have to jail break your iOS device to install WhatsApp Watusi application. Simply download CokernutX application and enjoy installing the application for free and safely.

Q - What are features comes along WhatsApp Watusi in iOS?

The best features that tags along WhatApp Watusi is unlimited media sharing, no restrictions for audio or video recording, custom wallpapers/text colours and themes.

Q - Can I use both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Watusi version on the same iOS device?

Can I use both WhatsApp and WhatsApp Watusi version on the same iOS device?

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Final Words –WhatsApp Watusi 3 on iOS [iPhone/iPad]

Let’s dive into a new world of social experience by getting freedom an inch more than others. Download WhatsApp Watusi now and enjoy unrestricted features. Let us know your experience with the WhatsApp Watusi application in your iOS device below in the comment section.

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